Other stuff we can do

But wait, there’s more…

In addition to the standard list of services we offer here, we also have few extra tricks to give you a complete package of really great services to make your brand shine.


Websites, we all have them, need them, want them, look at them, but do we all make them? We can help you establish, create, and manage your website from scratch. We can help you create the type of online presence that you can be proud of. We’re so confident that we’re able to help you build, manage and market your site, that we’re willing to say “hey, look here, just look at our site” and you’ll say “wow, your site is so simple yet so interesting, we want one like that too”. Confidence in bucket loads.

Online marketing

Search engine optimisation – Check
Tactical web presence – Check
Web content creation - Check
Search marketing – Check
Social media channel design and maintenance – Check
Adwords – Check
And we’ll pre-empt your next check box-esque question by saying – Check

Import/Export services

You want something, but it’s on the other side of the world? We’ve got you covered. We can source and import products from Agulhas to Zaozyorsk and anywhere inbetween.