Free Stuff

We happen to be in a giving mood, so here you go.

A lot of start up ventures or non-profit organisations get bogged down by incurring unnecessary costs for software and utilities. You don’t need an expensive software suite to run your business efficiently. We’ve identified some things that you can download for free. We also add some fun things from time to time. Here’s us looking out for you.

Asana - Work together, assign tasks, get rid of superfluous email clutter. Perfect for small companies or collaborative projects. Go, create awesome things.

Slices - Really nifty twitter stream management application. It works on your iDevice, Android thingy and soon it will be on your browser too. If you are on the interTwits, you must have this.

Libre Office - A liberated office productivity suite if you will. Go ahead, liberate your office and be productive.

Mozilla Thunderbird - A mail processing application that includes a handy calendar plugin called Lightning.

Tweetdeck - Manage your Facebook and Twitter updates and timelines on a single handy application.

GIMP - Make pretty pictures happen.

Evernote - You make notes – they appear on your iDevice and computer, synchronising all over the place.

Google Stuff – There is an incredible array of applications available to you online.

Box – Store and collaborate online.

Dropbox – Store and collaborate online even more.

Yousendit – Send big files via links.

Open Proj – project management suite – needs some fiddling but really useful once
you get the hang of it.

WeTransfer - Send big files, on the interwebs, beautifullly, for free.

Pocket - Used to be "Read It Later". Got stuff to read, found it now but need to read it later? No sweat, pop it in your Pocket.

Itunes - Play music, play videos, play videos with music in them. Download apps, do stuff, have fun, love life.

Real Time Wine - The greatest social wine app in the world ever. Get it for your iDevice here, or your Android thingy here. Drink wine, rate wine, win at life.

If you have any other interesting or useful software, let us know.